I did that today. Not jogging. Not trotting. Running.

Granted, it was never for more than 50 yards at a time, but that was OK. I probably ran a half mile, 50 yards at a time.

It was my final fitting for my running leg. Sort of a fine-tuning to make sure everything was working properly. Once again, it felt a little unusual when I first put it on. Sort of like walking around on my toes on that side. But it’s not designed as a walking leg. After a few tentative strides, I started loping. That was all I could do in the fitting room. It wasn’t long enough to really run.

So I put on my shorts, and we went into the hallway. Where I ran. Up the hallway, and back down again. Back and forth, while my prosthetist* watched me, looking for ‘toe in’ and ‘hyperpronating’ and stuff like that.

We had to make a few adjustments. Yeah. ‘We’ did. While he was tweaking my leg one time, he said, “Just so ya know…you’ll need someone for technical support when you’re doing the Ironman in Hawaii, I’m coming along.”

I smiled and said “That’s gonna be in 2014. You have plenty of time to make your reservations.”

At one time, I would have laughed a remark like that off. I didn’t this time. I don’t know which triathlon I’ll be running. Or if I’ll even make it that far. I’ve got a lot of work to do to get there.

He finished doing whatever it was he was doing, and he said, “Want to go outside?”

“Sure!” I said.

It was a cold, drizzly rain sort of morning in Rochester, with the temperature around 35-40 degrees. There were patches of ice and snow and slush all over the place. We looked around until we found a nice long patch without much gunk, and I ran. I pushed myself. I made myself pant. I was moving fast. Not sprinter fast, but faster than I’ve moved in a long time. I was using my muscles in a way I hadn’t done since 1979.

Right now, my hip hurts a little bit on the right side. And my right knee was twinging a bit while I ran. It didn’t slow me down while I was running, but I did notice it. I’ve got names of some sports medicine people who will be getting calls and emails from me soon.

But for right now, I’m just enjoying remembering what it felt like.

I’m running. Holy cow, I’m running.


*heh, heh.

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  1. Donna Liljegren

     /  January 26, 2012

    You must have felt so free. How cool.

  2. Mike Heberger

     /  January 26, 2012

    You’ve got at least one more “running leg” than I have. Godspeed.


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