So last night, I tried running again. I did the shortened stride thing, as it was suggested to me. I carefully landed on the ball of my foot, or flat, as was suggested to me. And the pulled muscle on the inside of my calf did not get injured.

Instead, I got a pull on the outside of my calf this time.

Am I going to have let every muscle in my lower leg complain to me before I can start running?


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  1. I find, occasionally, that the shoe is the issue (pun). Just recently changed out my walking shoes for sneakers because my leg has been bothering me. The change to sneakers has made a huge difference in one day. But…on first glance one can’t help asking, why? There isn’t that much difference between my walking shoes and my sneakers. Apparently there is.

    • uphillrider

       /  April 5, 2012

      Maybe. I went to a store that is considered the best running shop in the area by many, and the owner recorded my running and gave me an analysis before I bought the shoes. But maybe he’s wrong. I’m going to see an sports ortho doc in 2 weeks, maybe he’ll be able to figure out what’s going on with me.

      Thanks for reading. Thanks for commenting.


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