Tuesday January 19

This morning’s ride 45:33 Distance 0 miles Average cadence: 96 RPM

I said ‘aaaaahhhh.’ I breathed in through my mouth and out through my nose. Or vice-vera. My chest was thumped. My neck was rubbed. My epiglottis was swabbed. Oh, boy, and isn’t that fun?

Inconclusive. There was no sign of blood in my throat. Or anyplace else other than where it should be. So, it appears that the bloody Sunday toothbrushing incident was merely an anomaly, brought on by some outside forces, and not the harbinger of potentially fatal disease.

Surprise, surprise.

I need to monitor it and see if it reappears again in the future. Which, hopefully, it won’t. If it does, then we’ll schedule some electromagnetic poking and prodding to beat the band.

And in the good news/good news department, I’ve got a physical therapy appointment scheduled for Friday afternoon to see if we can’t work the kinks out of my balky ileopsoas muscle.

So things seem to be on the up side right now. Or, at least, not on the down side. Which isn’t exactly the same thing some times.